ICP Industries, LLC   Floresville, TX   Full-time     Manufacturing / Production / Operations
Posted on February 9, 2024

Machinist/Helper – Job Description & Responsibilities:


Machinist / Helpers report directly to the Production Manager/Supervisor: They are responsible for operating & maintaining a

variety of machines and mechanical instruments - manual or computer aided. Sets up and operates various machines & equipment, to fabricate and machine parts with precision-according to specifications. Machinist will be required to install & removes helicoils & keenserts correctly on various types of cylinders. Machinist be able to read & understand blueprints, drawings, sketches, manuals, and sample parts to determine dimensions & tolerances to perform their duties. They must have past machine shop experience. Machinist/Helpers may be required to assist in other areas, including Maintenance.


Skills, Knowledge & Abilities:

  • Operate a variety of machines, to machine, fabricate, modify, or repair cyls, parts, or equipment for ICP or it's
  • Responsible to operate various machines & equipment according to the manufacturer's instructions or

    *Operate Radial Arm Drill, to install, remove - keenserts, helicoils, steelserts and perform other basic drilling functions.

      *Selects, aligns & secures various holding fixtures, cutting tools, attachments & accessories to machine parts as required.

  • Measures, marks & scribs dimensions & reference points on material or work pieces as guides for machining as
  • Verifies conformance of finished work/parts to specifications, using precision measuring & inspections tools as
  • Strong mathematical, analytical skills, to calculate & set controls to regulate machining ie; feed, speed, depth &

         Ability to work with math problems such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, fractions, ratios, ect.. and apply to situations.

  • Specific vision abilities required to perform this job including close /distant vision, peripheral vison & able to adjust


General Responsibilities/Qualifications:

  • Machinist must have the daily stamina to stand for long periods of time-while performing their duties/operating
  • Able to read, interpret - instruction manuals, operating & maintenance manuals, procedures & ability to write
  • Must be proficient in the use of precision measuring tools ie; micrometers, dial indicators, snap gages, machine levels

     * Able to correctly use & apply specialized supplies including Devcon, Loctite 515, 277, PTFE, Steel Blue, Die Pen, ect...

     * Must ensure machines are turned off, tools are put away, work areas are clean, after work is completed, or end of shift.

     * Must wear all applicable PPE and eye protection and observe and follow all company safety rules and regulations.


Machinist/Helper – Applicant Requirements:

Must have valid Social Security number, or IRS acceptable identification #/form. Must possess valid Texas driver license - or other valid ID.

Must have valid transportation available.